If you are engaged in economic activities in the Nimbin Valley, you are eligible for membership of the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce.

Persons or entities from outside the Nimbin Valley that can demonstrate an appropriate economic connection are also eligible for membership.

Keep this important part of Nimbin Alive through your support. Your membership makes for a vibrant Chamber, representing our issues with one voice.

 The Chamber is here for all businesses not just the main street business.


Benefits of Membership

  • Networking events for local businesses. This will provide an opportunity to meet and support local businesses through networking, developing partnerships. Businesses can take it in turn to host a friendly social meeting.
  • The Chamber works closely with Lismore City Council and their business facilitator as well as Council’s tourism department.
  • The Chamber supports the various activities and initiatives of businesses in Nimbin.
  • The Chamber has formed collaborative relationships with Lismore Chamber of Commerce.
  • Chamber is currently developing affiliations with Lismore businesses.
  • Regional Alliance program with Northern Rivers NSW Chamber of commerce.
  • Associations with Lismore Business Enterprise Centre.
  • Affiliations with other organisations and service providers.
  • Access to updated business information and services that can positively impact on your business.

The Chamber’s aims are: 

  1. The chamber's principal aim is an association representing the interests of persons and entities engaged in economic activity in the Nimbin Area.
  3. The chamber seeks to promote and further economic activity in the Nimbin area.
  5. The chamber recognises that Nimbin is a unique area and as such recognises that economic activity should be appropriate and sustainable.
  7. The chamber recognises that social and economic wellbeing of local residents are interconnected and that the chamber is principally with the promotion of the economic wellbeing of the Nimbin area.
  9. The chamber is to provide a forum for members to deal with issues affecting the members and where appropriate take action in the interest of the members as a whole.
  11. The chamber seeks to assist and promote the establishment of appropriate economic activities by providing support, mentoring and advice.  
  12. The chamber seeks to promote employment and training in the Nimbin area.  

  13. The chamber will actively seek either in its own right or in conjunction with other appropriate entities, grants or other sources of funding to further the aims of the chamber or the economic and social development of Nimbin.

 Please download the PDF Membership Form below.

Download this file (Membership Form.pdf)Membership Form.pdf[ ]61 kB