NSW Transport Social Access Framework Workshop


Transport for NSW is currently conducting consultations around NSW to develop a Social Access Framework.  The Social Access Framework will enhance Transport for NSW’s understanding of the components of transport disadvantage for particular population groups including older people, Aboriginal communities, people with disabilities, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, young people in regional and remote areas and low income families, including single parent families. 

 The consultation held in Lismore on 14 May brought together local stakeholders who developed strategies to address the causes of transport inequality and disadvantage for these population groups notably:


Ø  service coverage

Ø  affordability, and

Ø  accessibility.

In the main group pictures, the people from left to right are: Warren Williams, Kate Geary, Gail LeBransky, Dave Kapeen, Eugenie Stephans, Nat Meyer, and Graeme Waller.