Nimbin Chamber Murals Project

Nimbin Murals Project


"No village experience however, will quite compare with Nimbin, famous worldwide for its alternative and laidback lifestyle.

A self proclaimed “hippie” haven in the 1970s, Nimbin is now famous for its colourful main street, its arts and culture, and the use of environmentally sustainable practices."

From Nimbin Murals Project Draft Stategic Plan, 2010



The main objective of the Murals Project is to encourage community and public art and to cultivate the benefits that innovative and creative design bring to Nimbin and the larger region. 


History of the Murals Project

The Nimbin Murals Restoration Project Draft Strategic Plan has been developed within the context of the relevant objectives of theThe Lismore, Nimbin & Villages Strategic Tourism Plan 2010-2013 Draft Plan- prepared in October 2009 by the Regional Futures Institute at Southern Cross University. 

A key objective in the Draft Strategic Plan was the maintenance of Nimbin's iconic main street murals. 

The foundation partners in the Nimbin Murals Restoration Project are Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, Nimbin Aquarius Foundation Inc. and Rainbow Power Company.  They recognise that the daily lives of residents and visitors are enriched and enlivened through the presence of high quality works of art in the town.

 Nimbin Chamber of Commerce also recognises that the support to public artists and Muralists, and the encouragement to the production of new works of Public Art will attract an increasing number of Australian and overseas visitors, thereby contributing to economic development of Nimbin. 

 Nimbin Murals Project

Nimbin and environs is well known as an area that has a thriving artistic community. Public Art is an important way of recognizing local artists and issues whilst adding an important dimension to public spaces in Nimbin.

This draft plan is designed to support Public Art in Nimbin within a framework that clearly outlines the practical considerations for management and selection of such artwork. 

The Nimbin Murals Project Draft Plan provides a framework for restoring existing Murals and increasing the levels of Public Art in Nimbin.

Mural_DoorIt is to be used for commissioning new works, restoring existing works, collection management and maintenance by muralists and artists.  

The project has support from other interested  parties such as Nimbin commercial property owners,  businesses, sponsors and community organisations, the Lismore City Council, Nimbin Chamber of Commerce/ Nimbin Murals Restoration Project, the Nimbin Central and other local schools, and funding bodies.